By Sepo Musokotwane and Hope Phiri

Cascading colors all around,

Whispers and shrills carried by the wind,

Women down at the river,

Men becoming one with the field,

Children, wide eyed with fiery hearts.

Then there’s me,

Shoulders shattering underneath the weight,

Worry lines like waves come crashing on my face,

I can hear my heart beating, Loudly, painfully.

I have run marathons on the wrinkles along where my cheekbones once stood firm,

Bent over, with worries my spine can no longer carry.

I have watched seasons pass by,

Spring rain,

Summer breeze,

Winter blues,

Autumn….. I watch how the trees let go,

I watch how the leaves leave, effortlessly,

I watch the trees become reborn,

Hues of red, orange, yellow, brown, flow with ease,

I have watched seasons pass by,

Each leaving me more burdened than the last,

I have carried rain in my eyes,

Wind in my lungs

Winter blues set up camp in my heart,

But autumn? Please teach me how to let go.

Let go and allow nature to take its course

Let go and keep hope alive knowing that someday

This too shall pass….let go…let go….let go

Old Man Worries

by Miss Hope Phiri & Dr Sepo Musokotwane


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