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Art as an investment and an experience

Chena is an art gallery that is focused on community projects to improve sustainability and push development in emerging economies through the arts. It conducts exhibitions, auctions, and many programs (such as “Chena Heritage”, “Art of Impact”, and “Artist in Residence” programs). The “Art of Impact” is a program designed to advance and enrich the lives of the communities it serves with stories behind art works that educate and remind society of the many challenges and victories that we face as a human race. The program objective is to develop a strong appreciation of art and culture and to foster that by encouraging all companies both local and international to take the arts seriously. Art has impact and can contribute materially to development and so Chena conducts impact assessments around communities and tells stories of art along the way.

The Chena Canoe sprint for impact founded in 2022 is designed to stimulate local tourism and bring companies together. Its purpose is to get organizations out of silos to developing an ecosystem within Zambia and also across the globe.

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Our digital content here at Chena Gallery will allow people to view and purchase art online. To showcase artists from our communities across Africa, virtual exhibitions and exclusive auctions will also be made available.

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It takes a village

Collectivism or individualism! What have we become! Where is the strong sense of family, and shared ownership within the community? A child irrespective of father or mother was viewed as part of one big family, and identified as a gift to the tribe. Mother......a term...

Old Man Worries

By Sepo Musokotwane and Hope PhiriCascading colors all around, Whispers and shrills carried by the wind, Women down at the river, Men becoming one with the field, Children, wide eyed with fiery hearts. Then there’s me, Shoulders shattering underneath the weight, Worry...


By Sepo Musokotwane and Hope PhiriDid you hear? They’re coming today Yes, I heard the women at the river singi... Who? Who’s coming? Why didn’t I hear anything You never know what is happening, it's the matebeto. They are bringing it today No one thought this day...


Chena Art House, The Park at Nkwashi, Lusaka, Zambia
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